Friends of VIGEX

The VIGEX Committee gratefully acknowledge and thank the Friends of VIGEX.

Not-For-Profit Organization

VIGEX is a not-for-profit organization run by unpaid volunteers. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that each exhibition is not run at a loss, there are always others costs that need funding.

Friends of Vigex

Friends of VIGEX was formed at a time when the future of the salon looked doubtful.

Friends of VIGEX have played an important part in the continuance of the salon and the money received still plays an important part in the financial structure of VIGEX.

Friends of VIGEX, however, do more than just provide financial assistance. It is important for the members of the committee, who are all volunteers, to know that their efforts are valued and that the exhibition is seen as an important cultural event.

International Photographic Exhibition

An international photographic exhibition showcases the skill, knowledge, effort, talent and artistic abilities that are required, to reach the high standard that is international-level photography. The high quality of the judges used in these exhibitions gives important feedback to the entrants, and the recognition gained by successful images is also significant.

Whilst VIGEX attracts entrants from approximately 40 countries, a large proportion of the entrants are Australian, the percentage of Australian entrants in typical overseas international salons is usually minute in comparison. However, VIGEX provides more than just giving Australian photographers the opportunity to enter a world-class event.

Australian International Exhibition

An Australian international exhibition has many very important roles in Australian photography:

  • it showcases photography in all its forms.
  • it inspires other photographers.
  • it shows the general public that Australia has many world-class photographers.
  • it provides an easily accessible avenue for Australian photographers to test themselves against the best the world has to offer.
  • it can provide newer Australian photographers with their first step into the international arena.
  • it is an important cultural event that demonstrates that photography is an integral part of our culture and its artistic pursuits.

Financial Member

Benefits of being a financial member of FOV:

  • The knowledge that you are helping support the VIGEX International Photographic Salon.
  • An invitation for two to the Salon opening, and a catalogue or DVD.
  • Special Friends, and Friends of VIGEX are listed in the catalogue.

Friends of Vigex members may be clubs or individuals. There are also different levels of membership. See links below for application details.

Global Importance

It should be noted that VIGEX is also important from a global point of view.

PS Since Friends of VIGEX are almost entirely Australian, the above has been written from an Australian-centric viewpoint.