Vigex History

VIGEX is a word derived from Victoria Geelong Exhibition and is currently the only international photographic exhibition conducted in Victoria under the patronage of Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique, Photographic Society of America and Australian Photographic Society Inc.

Proposed Idea

In 1978, a Past-President of the Geelong Camera Club, Leslie James (Jim) Abrahams (1922 – 1987), proposed the idea that Geelong should conduct an International Exhibition.

Jim was a man of vision and determination so he gathered a group of current and past Geelong Camera Club members to work with him – and VIGEX was born.

A Chairman was sought from the business community to guide the first organising committee, and Phillip A. Gude took on this role.

First International Exhibition

The first VIGEX International Exhibition in 1980 was displayed in the foyer of the State Government Offices on Lt. Malop Street.

It is noteworthy that every subsequent print salon until 2015 was exhibited at the Geelong Art Gallery, typically over four weeks.

First Digital Exhibition

VIGEX was planned as a print-only biennial exhibition from the outset and has remained that way until the inaugural Digital Exhibition in 2016.

The first digital exhibition, 2016, was projected at Osborne House in North Geelong.

First Sponsor

The Victorian Government was the first sponsor, soon followed by the first major private sponsor, Alcoa of Australia Limited.

Many other local and national Australian sponsors have contributed over the years, including local municipal councils.

Not-For-Profit Organization

VIGEX has always been a not-for-profit organisation and runs solely by unpaid volunteers.

Friends of Vigex

Friends of Vigex’ provides significant financial support and labour for each exhibition.