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Digital Salon Judges 2016

Kath Gillies Kath Gillies - EFIAP AAPS SSVAPS
I have been a member of Caulfield Photographic Society since 1990 and for many years been on the committee and have seen many changes including the boom in digital.
I was a committee member of VAPS for 7 years and have been involved in many photographic judging competitions.
I became a member of APS in 2004, and since turning to photography with much energy, have gained AAPS, and been awarded AFIAP in 2008 and EFIAP in 2011. Challenges come from entering work in International Competitions.
  Being able to put one’s work up against the best in the world is indeed an exciting achievement.   I have been involved with photography for many years and have navigated the technical changes and I am still learning as we all are. Whilst always having an interest in creative portrait and action photography it has changed for the better with the camera capabilities that we now have available to us to make it more exciting than ever.
I like to challenge myself to not only capture an image but also record the feel of the event. This exciting type of photography continues to take me to many events and locations and I am enjoying the journey. Action photography it is the seeing eye of the photographer which is the important factor rather than the Photoshop ability.
Recently I have been doing a few photo books as I feel it is better to have a hard copy rather than just digital to look at.

Marg Huxtable Marg Huxtable - MAPS.
Marg’s interest in photography grew after she attended the Melbourne Camera Club’s Introduction to Photography course in 1998. She subsequently joined the club with the main purpose of improving her photography.
As her photography improved, she began entering National Exhibitions in 2001 and later International Salons. She achieved her Fellowship of the Australian Photographic Society (FAPS) as a result of her receiving many acceptances and awards in these Salons.
For a few years now, she has judged at the National level and has also judged two of Australia’s International Salons – VIGEX and Maitland. She finds judging both inspirational and educational from viewing images from talented photographers from around the world.
Travel, within Australia and overseas, has given her plenty of opportunities to enjoy Photojournalism and Social Documentary photography which are of particular interest to her.
Recently, she has entered Nature sections of International Salons, where she has gained awards and acceptances. She has now joined the Victorian Nature Photography Group so she can photograph with like-minded people and learn more about the natural world.

Viki Moritz Vicki Moritz - EFIAP, MAPS.
Vicki is based in Victoria, Australia and specialises in Fine Art landscapes, Street and Wedding photography. She lives in both country and the city and this dichotomy is evidenced in her work. Recent urban work examines the interaction of man and city. The transience of nature and resilience of man following the Black Saturday fires affecting the Marysville area were themes of 2 recent exhibitions.
She completed the Associate Diploma of Photography at the Photographic Studies College in 2015 and has been awarded honours from Australian Photographic Society (FAPS) and Fédération Internationale de l'Art Photographique (EFIAP).
She is a member of the Australian Society of Professional Photographers (AIPP) and was awarded Gold, Silver Distinction and Silver from 3 entries at the Victorian Professional awards in May 2015 and 3 Silvers at the AIPP 2015 National awards- gaining Runner Up National Student of the Year.
Her work has been hung at the Monash Gallery of Art, Geelong Gallery, the Centre for Contemporary Photography and numerous International and National Salons. As of 2016 she has held two group and 2 solo exhibitions with more to come.

Paul Robinson Paul Robinson - AFIAP AAPS FAPS SSAPS SSVAPS - Batchelor of Creative Arts (Photography)
Paul commenced photography in 1965 and as a hobby from 1971 as a soldier in Vietnam. Became a professional photographer in 1989; from 1992 to 2004 senior photographer at BD Graphics & Advertising, Prahran; conducted his own photography business through to 2012. He completed a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Photography) with High Distinction in 2015 which included all forms of film and digital image making at Deakin University in Melbourne.
Paul commenced judging in 1978 and has evaluated over 600 photography competitions;he is currently the President of the Australian Photographic Judges Association. Paul's images have been published in magazines, catalogues, brochures, calendars, table top books and has authored three books: 'film to Digital' (2003), 'Judging Photographs' (2012) and 'Models & Photographers'(2013). He has travelled extensively in Australia, the Pacific,  USA, Europe and Asia.
Paul has been keynote speaker at many photography events and was a guest presenter on Radio 3UZ Melbourne about photography in the Victoria Travel Show weekly broadcasts for six months. He is currently studying Honours in Photography; has participated in exhibitions, most recently, a collaborative multi-media exhibition (Raglan Street Gallery, North Melbourne) and in a collaborative exhibition (Phoenix Gallery Deakin University).

Gaynor Robson Gaynor Robson - EFIAP SSVAPS
Gaynor joined the Camberwell Camera Club in 1993, where she became a very active member, running workshops and outings, and became President of the club in the late 1990’s. Gaynor joined the Australian Photographic Society and started to enter national and international photographic salons, and qualified for LAPS, AAPS and FAPS through the APS Honours System, gaining many awards and medals during this period. Gaynor also qualified for international photographic honours through the Federation Internationale del Art Photographie, FIAP, with acceptances in FIAP endorsed International salons, gaining her AFIAP(Artiste of FIAP) and EFIAP (Excellence in FIAP).
Gaynor has supported photographic activities extensively in Victoria, judging at club, national and international level, giving lectures, and workshops, and was on the 2006 APSCON convention committee, and also served some time on the committee, and as secretary of the VIGEX International Salon of Photography.
  In 2012 Gaynor was invited to judge across all sections in one of the salons in the German Mega Circuit in Stuttgart, Germany, and in 2013 judged the VIGEX International Print Salon of Photography in Nature and Open Divisions. In 2015 she was invited back again to present further work to the Malaysian Nature Society, Photographic Division in Kuala Lumper. 
Her other particular photographic interests include travel, photojournalism and just about anything that moves.

David C. G. Smith David C. G. Smith - EFIAP/p, MAPS
At the age of 16, David borrowed his father’s 35mm film camera to go on a camping trip of North America and Canada and believes he got the bug for both photography and travel at this time. After first dabbling in black and white processing, he made his first Cibachrome prints from slides whilst studying at the University of Bristol in the early 1980’s.
After moving to Adelaide in 1987, David joined Eastern Suburbs Camera Club & started exhibiting colour prints in National Exhibitions. He joined Printworks group in 1990 to enter International Exhibitions and has since had his work accepted in over forty different countries. Having gone digital in 2005, he now works in Mono Prints, Colour Prints and Digital Images. Whilst passionate about landscape and panoramic photography, he has also received numerous international awards in nature, travel, creative and photojournalism sections.
David was awarded the distinction of EFIAP/p in 2015 and the honour of MAPS in 2014. He judges at Club, State, National and International level and has also been involved with various committees and administration of exhibitions over the past 30 years.

John Conway John Conway - AFIAP, AAPS
John became interested in photography in his early teens and dabbled in black and white as he converted the laundry into a makeshift darkroom. Photography was put on the back burner due to family and work commitments and didn't resurrect until the completion of his Visual Arts (painting and printmaking) in 2004 when his wife bought him a Sony point and shoot.
It was then that the 'freedom' of digital sparked the interest again and John was out to make up for lost time. Reading as many online forums and Photography sites as he could, John eventually joined Geelong Camera Club in late 2008, hoping to take his photography to the next level.
Over the course of the next few years, winning club awards and using that as inspiration to enter into National and International competitions saw him rewarded with his AAPS and AFIAP.
John enjoys the many facets of photography, from genres as diverse as Scenic to Sport and everything in between.

 Salon Jury  Sections
 Kath Gillies EFIAP, AAPS, SSVAPS  1, 2
 Marg Huxtable FAPS  2, 3
 Vicki Moritz EFIAP, FAPS  1, 4, 5
 Paul Robinson AFIAP, AAPS, FAPS, SSAPS, SSVAPS Bachelor of Creative Arts (Photography)  1, 4, 5
 Gaynor Robson EFIAP, SSVAPS  2, 3
 David C G Smith, EFIAP/p MAPS  3, 4, 5
 John Conway AAPS, AFIAP  Emergency judge